Chapter 2 - Collaboration in Practice

In the autumn of 2018, the vision for ADR Athletics started to come together.

Marc wrote an article for ADR Update - the publication of the ADR Institute of Ontario - which captured a sentiment of self-care for mediators. It was well received as an important focus rarely discussed in dispute resolution circles. This feedback led ADR Athletics to start to collect materials focused on the health and wellness of dispute resolution practitioners and make this website a hub that one could visit to access an array of resources on such topics.

Marc reached out to Dr. Jeanette Bicknell, a well respected mediator who Marc had known of for many years but had not met or previously connected with.

In the course of communicating about Jeanette contributing a resource to ADR Athletics, she came up with the concept that evolved into the portal's popular Interview Series.

Jeanette was the very first practitioner to grant an interview in support of the cause. Bicknell Mediation has been a strong, ongoing supporter of ADR Athletics ever since.

Jeanette was a featured speaker at the inaugural Wellness Workshop and returned to help facilitate Wellness Workshop II.

Around the same time, Marc also connected with the legendary Cinnie Noble, who guest lectured a class he had recently taken in the Master of Laws program in Dispute Resolution at Osgoode Hall Law School.

Cinnie was quick to grant ADR Athletics its second interview and express support of the cause.

Cinnie took the time to introduce Marc to the contributors of several resources since added to the web portal to build up ADR Athletics' resource base - including contributions by Joyce Odidison, Alison Whitmire, Brad Waters and Petra Platzer, all of whom were quick to lend support to ADR Athletics with CINERGY's approval of the cause.

Cinnie would also later participate as a featured speaker at Wellness Workshop II but let us first share with you the story of our very first Wellness Workshop...

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